Fighting Obesity

A healthier tomorrow begins with the healthy family of today.

Obesity is a leading public health issue that causes higher mortality rates for cardiovascular disease, diabetes and cancer. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention identified childhood obesity as an epidemic, making obesity the first epidemic caused by bad lifestyle choices rather than a biological agent.

Currently there is no technology that can significantly lower the number of already overweight and obese people. The only way to curb this epidemic is to prevent it by focusing on five key settings: schools, families, communities, childcare and primary care clinics.

Based on strong scientific evidence and best practices observed and analyzed since 2007 we created a long-term results-oriented childhood obesity prevention program designed to address all five settings. Our program is easily tailored regardless of socioeconomic factors, ethnic makeup, existing curriculum and the like so it can be quickly implemented for maximum results on a short timeline.

Our first community installation in the city of Hawaiian Gardens had incredible results that were well documented by major newspapers and broadcast news. Following implementation of this program the city was recognized by Michelle Obama’s nationwide Let’s Move Cities, Towns and Counties campaign as the top city up to 25,000 residents.

We’d love to share details about this program and how it can benefit your community.


Getting healthy starts in the home. We work with families to get the next generation on track, educating parents who might not otherwise learn what constitutes good food and better behavior.


What better way to reach kids than right in school? Our program doesn't require any significant change in curriculum, but it does lean on teachers and administrators to help make learning about healthy choices fun.


We'll work with businesses and respected leaders in your community: grocery stores, fast food restaurants, local cable television hosts, mayors and others who have a vested interest in bettering local lives.


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