A healthier tomorrow begins with the students of today.

Obesity is a national public health issue that leads to higher mortality rates for cardiovascular disease, stroke and cancer. Across the country about one third of children are clinically overweight or obese. There is no technology currently available that significantly improves the outlook for people once they become obese, so the best way to curb this epidemic is to mold lifestyle, consumption behavior and food preferences on a broad basis before these behaviors are set for life -- in other words, reach children at a young age.

We created a results-oriented childhood obesity prevention program designed to educate kids by working with their families, schools and communities. Our program is easily tailored regardless of socioeconomic factors, ethnic makeup, existing curriculum and the like so it can be quickly implemented for maximum results on a short timeline.

Our first community installation had incredible results that were well documented by major newspapers and broadcast news stations, and we'd love to share those with you. Contact us today to learn how our program can benefit your community.

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